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Spot silver

Spot silver except gold another popular rare precious metals, because of its scarcity and silver products increasingly rising market demand for silver. Silver market compared to the gold market on a smaller scale, but is still a very valuable items. The same as the gold trading characteristics, silver is through the mechanism of margin trading, and combination form reciprocal currency with the dollar.

Why choose trading spot silver?

  • With functions of reserves value

  • Price fluctuations large profit opportunities

  • To avoid the dollar risk

  • Delivery at any time, easily converted into cash

Trading data

Kanalli Group BROKER can provide customers with silver trading up to 200:1 leverage, competitive point of difference, between international Banks, the optimal price, and the size of the flexible contracts, let the customer enjoy the risk management of multiple instructions and deity.

Trades Minimum transaction no. Largest trading hands Unit They are from Margin than column Transaction time (Beijing time)
XAG/USD 0.01 10 500,000 10 0.5% Monday07:00–Saturday05:59(06:00-07:00closed)

Note: * the daylight saving time and Beijing time 1 hour in advance accordingly
The Kanalli Group BROKER remind you consider raising the risk of leverage. Relatively small fluctuations on the market may be scaling up, for you have deposited or have great influence to deposit the money, it may be bad for you, may also be good for you. You may lose all the original deposit and need to deposit additional funds to cover positions.

Account is introduced

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Risk warning:All foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD margin trading CFDS products are accompanied with great risk, therefore is not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks at your own can bear within the scope of the investment. More risk for details, please refer to the risk of Kanalli Group BROKER statement and deposit policy.