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Mobile trading platforms

Mobile trading platform can let the customer at any time by the customer in the hands of mobile devices such as smart phones, PDA etc. Manage their accounts and transactions. Mobile trading platform provides a complete analysis of the trading account management options, when the customer can't use a desktop computer, mobile transaction platform to provide a real time way to connect to your trading account. Customers can always know the real-time market and of the market, and analyze the information, and implementation of trading.

The main characteristics of the mobile trading platform
1, the real-time quotes, a full range of financial instruments of trade orders, including are cancelled.
2, deal directly from the chart, you can use all kinds of foreign-exchange brokers 800 servers.
3, supporting all kinds of the most popular mobile operating system, such as Android, Android tablet, Iphone with iOS, the device can be installed normal use.
4, supporting all types of execution mode, complete technical analysis of trading history.
5, convenient real-time interactive charts, zooming and scrolling contains more than 30 technical indicators, optional bar charts, Japanese candles and draught convenience friendly user interface.
6, trade level and the trading volume on the diagram offline mode, all over the world enjoy foreign exchange at any time.

Risk warning:All foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD margin trading CFDS products are accompanied with great risk, therefore is not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks at your own can bear within the scope of the investment. More risk for details, please refer to the risk of Kanalli Group BROKER statement and deposit policy.