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Forex mainstream plate

The foreign exchange market is one of the world's most traded in financial markets, according to the bank for international settlements (BIS), trading in the global foreign exchange, 2013 has been as high as 5.3 trillion. Compared to stocks, bonds and other financial markets, foreign exchange market has 24 hours continuous trading, fair and transparent, high liquidity, low lever mechanism, the transaction cost advantages, and thus become the people eagerly sought after investment field. The Kanalli Group BROKER can provide customers with 28 kinds of foreign exchange of major currencies, including the dollar, euro, sterling and the yen, c, etc.

Why choose foreign mainstream offer?

  • T+0 Long-short two-way choice

  • Margin mechanism and asymmetric

  • Low cost, no charge

  • Big money is hard to control the market

  • lucrative

Trading data

The Kanalli Group BROKER to adopt floating point difference, clients can experience the excitement in the Kanalli Group BROKER platform to low, and no repeat quotation. In addition, the Kanalli Group BROKER could provide up to 200:1 flexible lever, effective help traders realize benefit maximization.

Hot money Minimum transaction no. Largest trading hands The contract unit They are from Margin Transaction time (Beijing time)
EUR/USD 0.01 10 100,000 10 0.5% Monday06:05-Saturday05:59(06:00-06:05 closed)
USD/JPY 0.01 10 100,000 10 0.5% Monday06:05-Saturday05:59(06:00-06:05 closed)
GBP/USD 0.01 10 100,000 10 0.5% Monday06:05-Saturday05:59(06:00-06:05 closed)
USD/CHF 0.01 10 100,000 10 0.5% Monday06:05-Saturday05:59(06:00-06:05 closed)

Note: * the daylight saving time and Beijing time 1 hour in advance accordingly
The Kanalli Group BROKER remind you consider raising the risk of leverage. Relatively small fluctuations on the market may be scaling up, for you have deposited or have great influence to deposit the money, it may be bad for you, may also be good for you. You may lose all the original deposit and need to deposit additional funds to cover positions.

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Risk warning:All foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD margin trading CFDS products are accompanied with great risk, therefore is not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks at your own can bear within the scope of the investment. More risk for details, please refer to the risk of Kanalli Group BROKER statement and deposit policy.