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American businesses that deal in winter time time change notification

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Since November 7, 2016 the United States began to enter the winter, Europe and the United States mainly adjust financial market trading hours for the change. The company in order to better to guests provide better trading environment, the company's trading platform trading hours, from November 7, 2016 accordingly adjusted as follows, please pay attention to the guest the time change.

Change before the transaction time:
Surf on Monday early morning
05:00 on Tuesday and Friday - surf closed up gold/silver, foreign exchange is normal.
05:00 on Saturday closing

Change after trading hours:
07:00 on Monday early morning
From Tuesday to Friday surf - 07:00 gold/silver closed, foreign exchange is normal.
Surf on Saturday closing

Above all is the Beijing time!
inconvenience we feel sorry for you, hope our update can bring you a better deal. Thank you for your always support, have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Best regards!

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