Kanalli Group BROKER

MT5 platform

MetaTrader software developers in the MT5 global traders praise after comprehensively, r&d again introduced a more advanced MT5 trading software.

The main characteristic of MT5
1, the improved chart and instant market performance.
2, update the chat, as well as news and email tag.
3, time cycle options increases.
4, redesign the application, make it more convenient trading tools.
5, integrated trade, analysis, financial news, E-mail is an organic whole, implementation and other accounts in a instant messaging communication security environment.
6, the new version presented significantly accelerated rendering, inertial scrolling, a growing number of scaling steps.
7, users can now change the chart color schemes, and quick edit mode has been implemented.
8 directly from the chart, it allows traders to adjust size, move and delete indicator window.
9, chat functions have also been significantly improved, message limit has been increased to 1000 characters, and has the function of the new search contact automatically login.
10, you can now directly from mobile applications to register and login.
11, convenient adjustable height of the toolbox window, according to the order, trading history, E-mail, news and log.
12, quickly navigate to the closing and modify the tapping position and order of dialog.
13, a new trading platform will provide foreign exchange, CFD, futures and stock trading and other functions.

Risk warning:All foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD margin trading CFDS products are accompanied with great risk, therefore is not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks at your own can bear within the scope of the investment. More risk for details, please refer to the risk of Kanalli Group BROKER statement and deposit policy.